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Happy World Family Doctor Day

May 19, 2020

What is a family doctor? The heart of the system and the foundation of patient care.

On this World Family Doctor Day, we proudly celebrate the dedication of family physicians and their commitment to being leaders for a healthy Ontario.

Every day, and in every community, family doctors are providing necessary care. You are responding to individual patient concerns – no matter how complex – with the well-honed skills and deep knowledge of an expert and caring compassion of a friend. You are listening, guiding and advocating. You are mentoring the next generation of healers, and leading our system in change. You are working in clinics, long-term care, shelters, emergency departments, delivery rooms, patients’ homes, and more … providing care that is needed, where it is needed.

In return, family doctors are privileged to receive the trust, respect and confidences of their patients, in a journey that often spans a patient’s lifetime and sometimes reaches beyond to generations that follow.

Now, then and tomorrow, we are honoured to celebrate the unique calling of family medicine and recognize the exceptional role of family doctors. We thank you for all that you ARE and all that you DO.

Why Family Medicine?

See why some of your colleagues love being a family doctor: