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Patient Roster/Panel

Where to Start

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Best Advice Guide: Patient Rostering in Family Practice
This tool provides information to family physicians who have already implemented or are considering patient rostering in their practices. Rostering is when patients register with a family practice, family physician or team.

The guide highlights the benefits and limitations of patient rostering and provides information to help physicians implement rostering in family practice.

Province of Alberta -Primary Care (created from a consortium of 10 organizations including the Alberta Medical Association and Toward Optimized Practice)

Guide to Panel Identification for Alberta Primary Care
This is a detailed guide for getting started and identifying your panel using a patient and physicians focus.

Safety Net Medical Home Initiative

Change Concepts: Empanelment
The guide provides step-by-step instructions for assigning and managing panels and strategies for sustaining the effort over time. Key changes for Empanelment are as follows:

  • Assign all patients to a provider panel and confirm assignments with providers and patients; review and update panel assignments regularly.
  • Assess practice supply and demand and balance patient load accordingly.
  • Use panel data and registries to proactively contact, educate and track patients by disease status, risk status, self-management status, community and family need.

Practice Innovation Program Colorado

STEPS Forward Module: Panel Management
This module provides six steps to help implement panel management in your practice; answers questions and concerns you may have about implementation; and provides examples, exercises and quizzes to help you train your staff in panel management for preventive and chronic care.

Practice Reports

Health Quality Ontario

MyPractice: Primary Care
This resource provides customized confidential reports that give primary care physicians data about their practice and offer change ideas to help drive quality improvement. Reports include measures on access, continuity of care, chronic disease management, etc.

Further Resources

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Best Advice Guide: Panel Size
This tool provides family physicians with guidance on factors affecting practice panel size: the number of individual patients under the care of a specific provider. This resource defines panel size, provides approaches, identifies factors that affect panel size, and addresses the measures that gauge performance.

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Population Management
This module describes the role of measures and data and key aspects for successfully managing your patient population. It discusses the benefits for patient outcomes with the use of patient registries and population management as part of patient care, discusses the role of data for improving patient outcomes, and describes the three key components of registry functionality. Approximate time is 60 minutes.