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The Value of Family Physicians

More than 15,000 family physicians play a unique role in Ontario's health care system. Family doctors have a deep knowledge of the health care system, working hard every day to make sure their patients get the best care.

As the main primary care medical specialty in Canada, family physicians know what's working and what's not, in no small part due to your focus on the individual patient, within their families and across the greater community in which you work.

The OCFP vision for family physicians is really quite simple: we see healthy Ontarians in a system where family physicians play a central, leading role. As leaders for a healthy Ontario, Ontario's family physicians are vital to the success of our health system and the key to optimal patient care.

OCFP Infographic - Family Physicians: Leaders for a Healthy Ontario

Family Medicine Professional Profile

The Family Medicine Professional Profile is a position statement that defines the discipline of family medicine, describes the scope of practice and training for family physicians, and highlights our philosophy of care.

Learn more about this initiative by visiting the CFPC website.

Read the Family Medicine Professional Profile

Family Medicine Professional Profile PDF

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