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Inspiring Ontario with Your Stories

In the midst of the pandemic, we know that while you may be working differently, you have never stopped working to provide your patients with the care they need — and that’s a story that must be told. Tell us more about the dedication of Ontario's family physicians so we, in turn, can tell all Ontarians. For instance:

  • How have you helped a patient through a difficult illness or situation despite the restrictions posed by the pandemic?
  • How have you changed how you deliver care to meet the unique needs of your patients?
  • What are some new, adapted or continuing ways you are working during the pandemic?

Use this form to share your story and/or photos with us. If you’d like to share a video of you and your work in action, please contact us and we’ll arrange to receive it.

Over the coming weeks, the OCFP will showcase your efforts on social and other media to highlight the many ways that #FamilyDocsCare. We may use your name and/or Twitter handle as you provide them (unless you ask us not to); we will never publish your contact information.

Thank you for all you do to care for patients.


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