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Confused about COVID-19? Your family doctor can help. 

To help Ontarians make sense of the overwhelming amount of available information about COVID-19, family doctors have created this set of resources to address the most common questions from the public about symptoms, safety, testing and more. The Confused about COVID series of downloadable PDFs was developed by the OCFP and the University of Toronto Department of Family & Community Medicine. 


1. I’m not feeling well. How do I know if I have COVID? What should I do?

2. I think I have COVID. When should I call my doctor?

3. Do I need a COVID PCR test?

4. When should I use a Rapid Antigen Test?

5. I have been in close contact with someone who has COVID. What should I do?

6. I’m worried about the new variant. How do I keep safe during Omicron?

OCFP COVID-19 resources for the Public

Patient Resources: Mental Health and Addictions (PDF)

More patient resources