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The OCFP works with The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) to certify 1-credit-per-hour Mainpro+ courses offered across Ontario.

What is CERT+

CERT+ is the CFPC's online application system for Mainpro+_ certification. CERT+ allows continuing professional development (CPD) providers to complete application forms online, upload all supporting documents, and make payments with just one click!

Applying for 1-credit-per-hour Mainpro+ Certification

Programs are eligible for Mainpro+ certified Group Learning credits, provided they are developed to meet the ethical and educational guidelines for Mainpro+ certification. For a provincial application, you must ensure the following is included in the planning process:

  1. One (1) Active CFPC member from the province is included on the scientific planning committee.
  2. Some type of direct or indirect needs assessment has been used to determine learning objectives/topics, etc.
  3. All scientific planning committee members must complete the CFPC conflict of interest disclosure form and completed forms must be submitted as part of your application for credits.

All speakers must also complete a COI form and they must include the CFPC disclosure slides as part of their presentation.

To have a program certified, you must submit an online application via the CERT+ application platform a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the program start date.

To find out more about the standards and procedures, or how to apply, visit the CFPC's CPD providers and planners section, or consult the Understanding Mainpro+ Certification guide.

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