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Become a Peer Guide

Provide information here about the benefits and steps involved in becoming a peer guide.

Peer Guide

As a Peer Guide, we will include your profile and a photo of you on the OCFP website.

This information will be used to formulate a quote to introduce your bio. You will have the opportunity to review and approve before it is published.

Please follow the guidelines below for writing your biography:

  • Describe your recent practice and academic experience and roles (consider certificates and credentials that align with the guide role and your profession). *
  • Share personal hobbies/activities/details that might be of interest to Peer Learners (optional)
  • Write your biography in third person.

Please select from the list on the right (all that apply).

Tell us more about the context of your practice.
Clinical Interests

Indicate how many Peer Learners you can support at the same time.

Preferred medium to meet with Peer Learners

To allow Peer Learners to get to know you better, we are asking you to share parts of your identity that are important to you. What are identities and social locations that are important to you? Please share below!

Racial Identity (optional)
What pronouns do you use (optional)