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About the Program

Format: One-on-one education, either virtual or in-person

Time Commitment30-minutes per topic (2 new topics per year) at a time that is convenient for you

Cost: Free

Mainpro+: 1-credit-per-hour


  • Benefits family physicians in primary care practices
  • Provides support in screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

Partner Information:

Help you care for your patients

The Centre for Effective Practice's (CEP) academic detailing service provides family physicians with free one-on-one visits with a trained clinical pharmacist to discuss balanced, evidence-based information on a variety of topic areas. Visits are tailored to your questions and practice, are approximately 30 minutes and can occur virtually or in-person at a time that is convenient for you. Available topics include opioids, chronic pain, opioid use disorder, benzodiazepine use in older adults, insulin and non-insulin pharmacotherapy for type 2 diabetes, and fall prevention and management.

Improve patient outcomes

Ninety-seven percent of participants indicated that they were confident in their ability to practically translate evidence into practice as a result of their academic detailing visit.

Compared to family physicians with a similar practice, the highest 25% of prescribers who participated in academic detailing achieved a 3x greater reduction in opioid prescriptions that put patients a high risk of adverse outcomes (MED >90mg/day or taking concurrently with benzodiazepines) and a 5x greater reduction in benzodiazepine prescriptions.

Benefits of the program

Participants continuously indicate they like how tailored the academic detailing visits are to their practice, and appreciate the opportunity to guide the visits with their own questions. They also frequently mention how helpful it is that the detailers can help them navigate local resources and often provide useful handouts. The academic detailers often find that they are able to offer at least a couple clinical pearls that are new to their family physicians and will positively impact their practice.