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About the Program

Format: Webinar, community of practice, repository, listserv

Time commitment: No fixed time commitment. Webinars offered monthly from January to June. Conference is once a year.

Cost: Free

Mainpro+: 1 credit per hour


  • Benefits family physicians, nurse practitioners and allied health clinicians
  • Supports primary care practices and hospitals
  • Provides support in screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
  • Incorporates physician wellness

Partner Information

Help you care for your patients

META: PHI can help support you if you work with people with addictions across a variety of sectors, including community programs, primary care, emergency departments and inpatient settings, as well as residential treatment programs, withdrawal management and RAAM (Rapid Access Addiction Medicine) clinics. The program provides you with education, training, mentorship, and networking through their annual conference, active listserv, monthly webinars and repository of online tools.

Improve patient outcomes

The primary care handbook is an invaluable resource for family physicians, primary care providers, and learners. Primary care providers engaged with this program are more comfortable initiating conversations about substance use, because they feel more confident about having both referral and treatment options that they can offer.

Benefits of the program

Treating alcohol and opioid use disorder can be rewarding, and the ability to offer treatment for alcohol use makes it much easier to go beyond screening and to have honest discussions with patients about their drinking. Buprenorphine is not so daunting and can be readily incorporated within the primary care setting.