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About the Program

Format: e-learning, community of practice, case-based education, workshop

Time commitment: 1 hour per month per specialty

Cost: Free

Mainpro+: 1 credit per hour


  • Benefits family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, allied health clinicians
  • Supports primary care practices, long-term care homes, community clinics, hospitals
  • Provides support in screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

Partner Information

Help you care for your patients

Paediatric Project ECHO offers you access to evidence-based knowledge, an interprofessional network, and a community of practice, to support you as you deliver safe and effective care to pediatric patients, with an emphasis on pediatric complex care, palliative care, pain management and obesity management.  The interprofessional make-up of the ECHO community (each ECHO team includes a pediatrician, nurse practitioner, mental health worker, rehab therapist and registered dietitian) ensures that sessions include physical, psychological and pharmacological perspectives.

Improve patient outcomes

When surveyed a year after joining the program, 83% of participants reported the program had a positive impact on their community.

“As a clinician practising in a smaller community, the collaborative nature of Project ECHO allows me to keep up with research and incorporates this into evidence-based practice and also share strategies for providing effective care with colleagues throughout Ontario.” - Program Participant

Benefits of the program

When surveyed a year after joining the program, participants reported improved knowledge in all curriculum topics, and an increase in self-efficacy in 95% of topics.

"I have had a long-term interest in palliative care, and it is a significant part of the care I provide as a pediatric oncologist. I decided to register for Project ECHO because it allows me to continue my education in this area, and to participate in the community of pediatric palliative care providers in the province.” - Program Participant