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Become a Peer Guide

Support your colleagues through their learning journey.

What is a Peer Guide?

As a Peer Guide, you’re the foundation of a program that connects with highly skilled professionals who embrace a commitment to continuous learning and personal development.

You will act as an advisor, coach, mentor, role model, teacher and motivator to family physicians from across Ontario. With your guidance and expertise, your Peer Learner will strengthen their approach in caring for patients with mental health challenges, substance use disorders and chronic pain.

By joining as a Peer Guide, you’ll grow your network and expand your credentials in a funded role that helps your fellow family doctors accomplish their goals.

Become a Peer Guide

We're looking for family physicians to contribute to family doctor morale, motivation and a sense of community by sharing their knowledge, support and specialized expertise.

As a Peer Guide you will:

  • Take part in the mentoring process
  • Provide participants with career development guidance to support in their professional advancement
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources
  • Encourage and motivate Peer Learners

If you’re interested in becoming a Peer Guide you can read more in the role description or apply now.


Practising Well is here to help you learn and has been designed to provide educational support to family physicians at all stages of their career across Ontario. It is not a clinical consultation support for specific patients.