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About the Program

Format: workshop, e-Learning, case-based education, webinar

Time Commitment: 8 hours per session (includes 30 minute pre-session video)

Cost: $450

Mainpro+: 3 credits per hour, up to a total of 24


  • Identify strategies for patient management with mood disorder
  • Learn practical and realistic approaches to apply in your practice
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own case studies for real-time discussion

How can this program help you improve the way you care for your patients?

Mood disorders are among the most common mental health illnesses and for family physicians managing these conditions can be challenging. This workshop helps you learn current best evidence and practical and realistic approaches and strategies that you can apply in your practice.

How could you benefit from this program?

After the workshop, participants highlighted that they planned to adopt the following in their practices: a) the use of patient questionnaires, b) choosing the best option for mood disorder medication based on the clinical context, and c) using measurement scales in the identification and treatment of mental illness.

“The things which led to the degree of success I had were my own personal motivation to improve my practice by implementing the information/skills I obtained and also the program itself which was excellent and provided me with the foundation I needed to succeed. I plan to continue to incorporate the knowledge and skills I gained from this program into my practice in helping patients with mood disorders.” - Workshop Participant

How does this program impact patient care?

Here are a few quotes from previous participants:

“I have actively treated more patients and adjusted doses much more that I would have previously. I think with increasing confidence and use of meds this will only increase.” - Workshop Participant
“Use of depressive scales more frequently to assess patients. Better recognize bipolar illness (description of flight of thought was quite useful.” - Workshop Participant

Meet Our Workshop Faculty