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About the Program

Format: workshop, e-Learning, case-based education, webinar

Time Commitment: 7 hours

Cost: Fee (see event page for details)

Mainpro+: 3 credits per hour, up to a total of 21


  • Learn patient-centered interviewing skills
  • Identify the mechanisms that underlie common injuries of the major joins
  • Able to evaluate results of specific physical tests to design the optimal management plan
  • Hands-on-learning of examination techniques

How can this program help you improve the way you care for your patients?

You face many different presentations of musculoskeletal conditions in your day-to-day practice. Build on your diagnostic skills by learning the most current techniques so that you can continue to ensure optimal care and timely recovery for your patients.

The MSK Education: Joint Assessment Made Easy Workshop takes a systematic, hands-on approach to bring the latest musculoskeletal examination diagnostic assessment skills as they apply to the major joints of the body – shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle. 

How could you benefit from this program?

Join Dr. Michelle Acorn and workshop developer and family physician Dr. Janice Harvey, both with extensive experience in sports and exercise medicine, to learn how the most current techniques to diagnose joint injuries and manage MSK conditions

A previous participant commented: “Each participant had the opportunity for hands-on examination in addition to the great amount of assistance we got from the session providers and not to forget the lecturer’s outstanding skills to facilitate and introduce a great deal of information in such a short and organized matter.”

How does this program impact patient care?

Support your patients and their families in making informed decisions about managing their health, including common musculoskeletal conditions.

Meet Our Workshop Faculty