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General Information

General Information

Practising Well supports family physicians in providing the best care possible for their patients with their mental health, substance use disorder and chronic pain. Which area does your program support? [select all that apply]

Areas of Support

Provide a brief description (up to 100 words) of the program and let us know how it supports excellence in patient care in the areas of mental health, substance use disorders and/or chronic pain:

Does your program incorporate physician wellness?

Physician Wellness
More About Your Program

More About Your Program

While Practising Well was created for family physicians, it is likely that the tools and resources shared could also benefit other health care professionals. Which of the following is the main audience for your program? [select all that apply]

Main Audience

What practice setting(s) does your program apply to? [select all that apply]

Practice Setting

What type of resource is your program? [select all that apply]

Type of Resource

How much of a time commitment, roughly, is your program (e.g., 1 hour every month)?

What is the cost (in $)?


If your program is certified, how many total credits is your program certified for?

Which segment of the care pathway does your program help clinicians address? [select all that apply]

Care Pathway

Please describe how your program impacted patient care (100 words max)

Please share any participant quotes that describe the benefit(s) of your program (100 words max)