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About this network

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Rural Medicine Initiative Network


About this Network:

The OCFP’s Rural Medicine Initiative Network (RMIN) supports rural physicians and rural generalists who must address and manage a wide range of health-care needs in their communities, through a focus on collective engagement, shared education and developing approaches to systemic challenges for practising in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

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How it works:

  • The work of RMIN has been established with initial focus on the North East, North West, and South West regions of Ontario
  • Mentees are matched with rural physician mentors who are experienced in rural practice
  • Mentors and mentees together decide when and how they will meet and interact
  • Mentees get timely one- on-one support from their Mentor, focused education opportunities and ongoing engagement through an online portal (community of practice)
  • There is no cost to join
  • The unique format offers valuable opportunities for development and members are eligible to earn up to 15 Mainpro+ credits in this certified program

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Please note this is not a referral service.

RMIN Steering Committee Chair:

  • Dr. Sarah Newbery - Marathon

Additional resources:

1. Comprehensive Approaches to Rural Emergencies (CARE) Course

The OCFP is piloting The Comprehensive Approaches to Rural Emergencies (CARE) Course in Ontario as part of a rural medicine initiative of the Collaborative Mentoring Networks. The CARE Course is designed to offer healthcare providers working in isolated areas opportunities to hone their emergency response skills. In March 2018, the OCFP launched the Ontario pilot of The CARE Course, which originated in British Columbia. This project will continue over the next two years and will bring together nurses, family physicians and paramedics in rural committees throughout Ontario.

News release: Nurses, Family Doctors, EMS join to Strengthen Emergency Response Skills

About The CARE Course

2. Locums

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