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Reporting Mainpro+ Credits

Online reporting of Mainpro+ credits is mandatory for all members and is completed using the CFPC's portal. In order to fulfill the Mainpro+ reporting requirements, members must submit a minimum of 250 credits in each five-year cycle. In addition, during the five year cycle:

  • At least 125 credits must be certified credits.
  • The remaining 125 credits may be certified or non-certified.
  • A monimum of 25 credits must be earned and reported in each year of a member's cycle.

Report Mainpro+ Credits

ASA Committee

The Board of Directors of the OCFP established the Annual Scientific Assembly (ASA) Committee to plan and oversee the scientific program of the annual conference. The Committee is responsible for seeking speakers and topics for the event held each November in Toronto.

The ASA Committee's mandate is to develop an annual conference (ASA), to support the continuing professional development of the Members and other family doctors in the province, and work in collaboration with the CFPC to develop the scientific/clinical components of Family Medicine Forum (FMF), whenever the FMF is being held in Ontario.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing the content/program for each ASA/FMF;
  • Contacting and supporting the needs of the various speakers;
  • Overseeing the registration process and addressing participant needs and requirements;
  • Chairing the various sessions;
  • Evaluating each ASA/FMF; and
  • Overseeing expenditure/revenue.

The 2019 committee membership is:

Program Chair

  • Dr. Kendall Noel, Ottawa
  • Chair, Scientific Program
  • Dr. Jordana Sheps, York



  • Dr. Sylvie Caissie, Ottawa
  • Dr. Heather Galbraith, Ottawa
  • Dr. Ada Gu, London
  • Dr. Rita Hafizi, Ottawa
  • Dr. Lucy Horvat, Acton
  • Dr. Vu Kiet, Richmond Hill
  • Dr. Frank Martino, Brampton
  • Dr. Lindsay McColl, Sudbury
  • Dr. Catherine Tong, Kitchener
  • Dr. Stefani Vescio, Ottawa
  • Dr. Erica Weinberg, North York


Ex Officio

  • Leanne Clarke, CEO