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Insights for Residents from Ontario Early Career Physicians

Members of the OCFP's Residents Committee connected with four early career physicians to ask them about everything from their favourite apps to support their practice, to what they wish they had learned more about in residency.

Thank you to the four physicians who offered their insights:

  • Dr. Stephen Singh, Brantford, ON, 4 years in practice, UWO grad
  • Dr. Kendra Croitoru, Port Coquitlam, BC, 4 years in practice, Queens grad
  • Dr. Nadia Kucherepa, Alexandria, ON, 5 years in practice, UOttawa grad
  • Dr. Auzair Tak, Kitchener, ON, 1 year in practice, UWO grad

Read their answers here:

What is your one best piece of advice for soon-to-be grads?

"Incorporation is key, and I suggest maxing out disability insurance and learning how to bill properly."

- Dr. Stephen Singh

"If you locum, get a mailbox to use as your primary practice address. It gives you a location to receive mail and can be listed on the college site as your address."

- Dr. Kendra Croitoru

"Start with salaried locums after graduating, so that you have some cash flow until your billing number is issued. Always put aside your projected tax rate (%) from every pay cheque into a savings account for tax time."

- Dr. Nadia Kucherepa

"You have trained on multiple EMRs (hospitals and clinics), have a tremendous amount of knowledge, and are accustomed to being able to function in a new environment in a matter of weeks. You bring more to the table than you realize."

- Dr. Auzair Tak