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Peer to Peer Connect

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Welcome to Practising Well Peer to Peer Connect: a way for you to partner with another family physician, one-on-one, to help you solve problems and increase your confidence caring for patients with complex mental health and substance use disorders and chronic pain, as well as supporting you as you engage in this challenging work.

Become a Peer Learner

By joining Practising Well as a Peer Learner, you will have access to all aspects of the Practising Well Program, including the educational support of a Peer Guide, to address a range of topic areas, including mental health, substance use disorders and chronic pain.

Interested in joining us as a Peer Learner? Review the Role Description and provide us with your information.

Peer Learner Application

Practising Well has been designed to provide educational support to family physicians. It is not a clinical consultation support for specific patients.

Become a Peer Guide

We’re looking for family physicians to be Peer Guides and share their experience and expertise in mental health, substance use disorder and/or chronic pain with their colleagues. 

As a Peer Guide (formerly known as Mentors), you’re the foundation of a program to support practical and relevant implementation of learning in primary care. 

If you love to collaborate, and have the drive to support your colleagues and help them achieve their learning goals, whatever that looks like, we would love to have you on board. 

Interested in joining us as a Peer Guide? Review the Role Description and register for an information session to hear more about Practising Well and this exciting role! Our next information session will be scheduled soon.

Questions? Contact us.

Peer to Peer Connect is part of the Practising Well initiative, designed to be flexible to your needs, and give you access to information, knowledge and experts in the way that suits you best, regardless of where you are in your career.