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Improving burnout with time management

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The increased administrative burden on family doctors, along with a rise in complex patient cases, have led to extended work hours, leading to burnout within family medicine.

Effective strategies for Benzodiazepine weaning in patient care

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It is often difficult to help patients wean off benzodiazepines (benzos), especially if the patient has been using this medication for a long time and alternative treatments do not work as well for them.

Power over pain: Managing patients with chronic pain

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There is a large differential for chronic pain and it can be difficult to address. Some patients with chronic pain take high amounts of opioids, leading to discomfort with continuing the prescription.

Approaches to caring for anxious patients

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Patients with anxiety can often overuse health-care resources by presenting multiple health concerns to their physician. Family doctors can face difficulty if the cause of a patient’s concern is anxiety.