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The OCFP is proactively raising the issues family doctors are facing in the media. From the Globe and Mail to the Toronto Star, and across Ontario in communities such as Kitchener and Windsor, we are sounding the alarm that family doctors need support.



The OCFP is leveraging data on the growing number of Ontarians without a family doctor to bring our issues and solutions to the forefront. The shortage is making headlines and that means family medicine issues are top of mind for the public.

Public pressure is key to pushing governments to change.

The OCFP advocates for solutions in every media interview. We’re calling for policy changes to:

  • Cut overwhelming and unnecessary administrative tasks.
  • Give all family doctors, regardless of their payment model, access to teams.
  • Make the job better and bring the joy back to family medicine.


Last year, family doctors were being blamed in the media for not doing enough to keep patients with respiratory illness out of the hospital. The government asked family doctors to do more.

The OCFP pushed back in social and news media. We released new data showing that Ontario’s healthcare system is in crisis – and that includes family medicine. We showed how family doctors were responding and issued a statement. We connected family doctors with media and made clear there was nothing more to give.

It matters. The public narrative is changing.

These days, we are more likely to hear from patients in the media talking about how badly they need a family doctor.


OCFP is empowering family doctors to speak out to the media and have your voice heard. Your local media matters to your community and your MPP. 

See your peers in action:

Want to get involved? We are looking for family doctors from across Ontario to speak out.

Send us a message.



Here’s a look back at our recent media work and the impact we are having.

April, 2023

  • OCFP proactively engages media on solutions to support family doctors. To garner attention, we strategically released new data with Toronto unattachment rates.
  • Provincial coverage of family medicine crisis and solutions to support family doctors result in key coverage including the front page of the Toronto Star, Breakfast TV and CityTV, Global news, CTV, CP24
  • Our news was picked up in 104 media outlets, generating 112 million impressions, which refers to the number of times that this content could have been viewed.

January – March, 2023

  • OCFP managed 26 interviews with family doctors and media. We trained and prepared eight family doctors for media interviews resulting in 270 stories across all platforms including, print, web, radio and television. This generated more than 203 million impressions, which refers to the number of times that this content could have been viewed.
  • January’s media coverage included news about 2.2 million Ontarians left without a family doctor and OCFP’s proposed solutions to help doctors now. We brought similar news to regional markets, including Brampton, Windsor and London.
  • Other interviews focused on the family doctor shortage, medical students not choosing family medicine and the need for expanded team-based care.
  • OCFP responded to news about the Ontario government’s health plan and the Federal Health transfer.

September – December, 2023

  • Family medicine issues were mentioned 1,054 times in news outlets from across Ontario. This generated more 577 million impressions, which refers to the number of times that this content could have been viewed.
  • The OCFP launched a media campaign centred around new research that found that the family doctor shortage had left 1.8 million people in Ontario without a family doctor. The messaging focused on the crisis in family medicine as a result of the shortage and OCFP’s proposed solutions.
  • OCFP and family doctors were active in media during the respiratory surge. We talked about how family doctors went above and beyond for patients.
  • The OCFP supported 12 family doctors to act as media spokespeople.



We are focused on bringing urgently needed changes to help family doctors in their practice right now.

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