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ATTN #familyphysicians - info for your practices about novel #coronavirus compiled by the OCFP for Family Doctors is available here: https://t.co/m0qPaDIaFV We will keep you informed as the situation evolves. Check our website regularly for more details: https://t.co/OtEqkf1S0a


#LongTermCare docs: don't miss this free #webinar on fracture prevention in older adults, FEB 7 12-1pm ET. Apply LTC fracture prevention recommendations, discuss challenges & fracture prevention/mgmt in high-risk patients w/ multiple chronic conditions: https://t.co/02jQFIvHQN


This week's #ClinicalPractice question for #ToolsTuesday : Does #intermittentfasting result in greater sustained (>6 month) weight loss than continuous dieting in adults? Get the answer: https://t.co/raTVAp3hz6


Approx 15% of Canadians experience the #WinterBlues, a seasonal shift in mood. If you're among them, taking time for #wellness practices like mindfulness, exercise, and eating well can help. Our second ep of #EYP podcast has more on #physicianwellness: https://t.co/yfWqY3eliF https://t.co/Erc9ye4Zav


#ICYMI - Questions about OHTs? Visit our resource page for information as you consider how and when to get involved, here: https://t.co/bgV3QYWvZH