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#4 đź’™Maintain hope + work together + be kind to each other Look to drop in infections in UK dramatic w/ combination of vaccination w/ AZ + strict PH measures https://t.co/SQ2HJrX7CO https://t.co/tcos1suj9T


Register now for the next #COVID19 CoP, Friday Apr 23, for evolving evidence on #CovidVaccines from infectious disease specialist Dr. Allison McGeer, shared experiences on vaccinating in primary care from family doc Dr Rosemarie Lall & more @UofTFamilyMed https://t.co/qQ0bZtl3b2 https://t.co/ObiSFVHfAh


Thanks @680NEWS for the opportunity to talk about how important it is to provide vaccines to #FamilyDoctors and #PrimaryCare to ensure the vaccination rollout is accelerated and reaches those most in need. @OntarioCollege @afhto @AllianceON @OntariosDoctors https://t.co/sIOdOuWvws


A #stayathomeorder, rising #covid cases & cancellation of non-essential surgeries will also mean a worsening of mental health & addictions Sharing 2 helpful resources @UofTFamilyMed @OntarioCollege For patients: https://t.co/GnAS2vE7sk For providers: https://t.co/Es2J3RZv8h https://t.co/RXP8rYnUjR


Alcohol use has increased by 25% since the start of COVID-19. CEP & @UofTFamilyMed's new virtual care resource helps providers identify & treat at-risk drinking & alcohol use disorder to enhance patients’ quality of life. Access: https://t.co/c7jeMEokso #virtualcare #new #AUD https://t.co/4xsZYPxcBC