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I have now seen patients who have had more than one #COVID19 NP swab, & I worry about reported diffs in technique between #assessment sites. Let's get this right! We need to avoid false negative results from poor technique. @OntarioCollege @OntariosDoctors @NPAOntario


Well-deserved nomination for @JodemeGoldhar! Our partnership with you on #ONprimarycareleads has inspired all of us at the OCFP. Thank you for all you do to create better health care for all. https://t.co/m0FzhLqgRM


A 4-part webinar series for those on the front line, “Having Difficult Conversations: Tips & Strategies in the Context of COVID-19”, starts next week, on July 23. Check out the full series https://t.co/f9OvNwml5I, hosted by @HPCOntario and @CanadianHPCAssn. https://t.co/ZI3PqL36h9


Providers: we invite you to share your thoughts about the summary we created on primary care gaps and opportunities during COVID-19. Fill out this form: https://t.co/eT9A9fcToZ Access the original PDF: https://t.co/YLRb5K7d4M @OntarioCollege @NPAOntario @OntariosDoctors https://t.co/3mBFNufifP


Grateful to our speakers and all participants for this morning's fantastic discussion on managing chronic conditions during #COVID19. Watch for recording, resources & curated Q&As to be posted here: https://t.co/LhcgU9szJH https://t.co/8nFwy7MEYU