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An excellent opportunity to learn a comp. approach to long-term care fracture prevention, incl assessment & risk reduction. No cost to attend this certified, 1-hour session, w/ @OsteoStrategyON | presented by @dr_alexandrap and @SidFeldman1 REGISTER NOW➡️https://t.co/mrdMxMglT2 https://t.co/uLCIeQiL5d


We know that Ontario family physicians remain focused on providing essential #primarycare for their patients, and we’re excited to share how they’re doing it. Tell us your #FamilyDocsCare stories! https://t.co/LruALfpH3y @OCFP_President @ON_FamilyHealth


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Important to let patients know that #familydoctors are following Ministry of Health guidance and are continuing to provide essential #primarycare for their patients. Open to change, open for care: https://t.co/fKxRscDlZ4 @OntarioHealthOH @ON_FamilyHealth @afhto @UofTFamilyMed https://t.co/m9kwpzj3N5


Ontario #FamilyDoctors, if you haven't already, share your experiences providing #VirtualCare throughout the pandemic by completing this *10-min* survey: https://t.co/Iz6BpqbSZw Your participation will help inform the future of virtual care in #Ontario. 🖥️🩺 https://t.co/s9mPXE0pKs