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Older adults (65+) have the highest rate of prescription sedative use among all Canadians at 15.6%. For assistance assessing and discussing the potential risks and benefits of #benzodiazepines with your 65+ y/o patients, consult our new #clinicaltool: https://t.co/YXVD2UV1v0


Interested in mentorship? Join one of our award-winning Collaborative Mentoring Networks! Get/provide support in #primarycare challenges like mental health, addiction, medical assistance in dying, and more: https://t.co/ouaNdigohB https://t.co/COf15wGOS0


@CFPC's self-learning program keeps you updated on the latest medical literature any time, anywhere- all while earning up to 30 Mainpro+ credits per year. Subscribe: https://t.co/utikcSxzMz


Don't forget to complete the @CEPhealth survey on how you use #clinicaltools: https://t.co/fY3aLWeyXw! Plus get their new tool for managing #benzodiazepine use in older adults & learn how to get customized visits w/ local pharmacists on this complex topic: https://t.co/8PBpsbxOKm https://t.co/Yf2t8TfFeL


Yesterday was #WorldPopulationDay. Advocates from around the world called on on leaders, policymakers, grassroots organizers, institutions and others to help make reproductive health and rights a reality for all. Learn more @UNFPA https://t.co/K3XpFqN20S #WorldPopulationDay2019