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What's the current vaccination roll-out plan? When will we get the vaccine and how can we support our patients, incl. those who are vulnerable/have special conditions? Good questions for the #COVID19 CoP, tomorrow 8 to 9 am Some spots remain! Register now https://t.co/LhcgU9szJH https://t.co/P1ksuZKFWN


[email protected] @BogochIsaac @adfurlan @allan_k_grillMD @OnyeActiveMD @DominikNowakMD @NaheedD @DrSamirSinha – a small sample of the stellar #OCFPSummit 2021 lineup. Starts Jan. 30 – full program & REGISTER: https://t.co/dgoYMrogyy #LearnOnYourTime #KnowledgeForTheNow https://t.co/10ZAZgk9VK


Access dozens of on-demand sessions – like this one from @UnityHealthTO`s @DrKyleLee – & learn at your convenience … or join the livestream, incl. keynotes & weekly panels. #OCFPSummit opens Jan 30: check out the excellent program & register https://t.co/dgoYMrogyy @UofT_dlsph https://t.co/yHVtA6Qz8Y


Register now for Friday’s CoP session: updates on #COVID19 vaccination, incl. the rollout plan, high-risk populations, long-term care & retirement homes and more w/ panelists @MaeKattNP @PhamTia Dr. David Warshafsky REGISTER ➡️https://t.co/LhcgU9szJH https://t.co/uVNvtzxGnM


Join the livestream opening day for #OCFPSummit on Jan. 30 or access this stellar lineup of presenters on-demand later: @WCHospital’s Dr. Diana Hsiang, @adfurlan, @NaheedD, @thenosm’s Dr. Reena Dhatt, @TaylorPLougheed & more. Learn more & register: https://t.co/dgoYMrogyy https://t.co/mTcHiF3cxx