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Did you miss yesterday's webinar with @DrSamirSinha, Practical Technologies that Can Enable Ageing in Place? You can now watch the full recording on YouTube. https://t.co/OOKdjWqP9g #ageinginplace #aginginplace https://t.co/6BWPLh9iiu


“I’m enormously concerned the foundation of our health-care system, family doctors, is in crisis. To say it’s teetering on collapse is not hyperbole. I really want (political candidates) to be talking about this in the election; to recognize — this is a big issue." @kmoranONT https://t.co/GiNw2v2X6w


“It’s absolutely a crisis,” @OCFP_President “Those with a family doctor know wait times are longer. I’m [seeing] a profound level of illness from patients not seeking care or surgeries and treatments being deferred (during the pandemic). Family doctors have never worked harder." https://t.co/GiNw2v2X6w


Ontario Family Doctors are meeting with candidates to share their experiences and stress the need for investment in family doctors so no one lives #LifeWithOutADoctor. #onpoli #onhealth https://t.co/GiNw2v2X6w


On #WorldFamilyDoctorDay we want to say thank you to the family doctors across Ontario like Dr. Miller working to keep their patients safe and healthy.​ We will keep fighting to ensure everyone has access to one. https://t.co/5VgfIhCycp #onhealth #onpoli #WFDD2022 https://t.co/7OGpkfulMN