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Getting started right now with @allan_k_grillMD on #COVID19 - Protecting Patients and Physicians During the Pandemic. Our @OCFP_President Dr. Jennifer Young is a special speaker today. https://t.co/UMBnbpWIRW


Strong leadership has never been more crucial than it is right now! Primary Care Virtual Community, Thurs Apr 2, 7-8pm Topic: Primary Care Leading Through Challenging Times RSVP: https://t.co/O1X3KLf4rY #ONPrimaryCareLeads @TheChangeFdn @snewbery1 @RAnnisMD @Instinctsatwork


Join me tomorrow Noon ET 4 the next live @FamPhysCan webinar on #COVID19. @OCFP_President & @SinaiHealth Dr. Allison McGeer will talk about office strategies 2 protect patients & providers during this outbreak. Please R/T. https://t.co/EPvMXimMXo @DrJoshuaTepper @UofTFamilyMed https://t.co/RULXvXYaqZ


Join our Primary Care Virtual Community to hear how your colleagues @snewbery1 & @RAnnisMD are leading through chaos & supporting #primarycare in facing #COVID19 pandemic. Apr 2, 7-8PM https://t.co/VcIRFOdmKQ #ONPrimaryCareLeads @TheChangeFdn @afhto @NPAOntario @ON_FamilyHealth


Join us with many other front line workers to talk about #leadincomplexity with #ONPrimaryCareLeads https://t.co/kwsQWDEVX9