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OCFP seeks new CEO

Just a few of the resources shared by moderator @javedalloo in this morning's #PractisingWell Community of Practice discussion on Appropriate #OpioidPrescribing for #ChronicPain. If you missed the session, access the recording and more resources here: https://t.co/JC1m6xeNAD https://t.co/W4JOdfJNW8


Do we just stop prescribing opioids? That has happened and it can be a disaster, says @JenniferWyman4 in #PractisingWell. Medication will never be a cure for #ChronicPain and suffering. Need to look not only at the opioid but also the goals of care, non-opioid options and more. https://t.co/yTXRZn7QIe


In #PractisingWell, Dr. Ashley White describes strategies for safe prescribing of opioids. Developing a structure, protocol and system for everyone can help family docs identify customized solutions for the #ChronicPain patients in your practice. https://t.co/1AvneIxFb9


In this morning's #PractisingWell CoP, @RupaPatelMD describes her experiences of #OpioidTapering in patients. “This kind of work can be kind of intense and there’s a significant amount of self-care required.” Here's an overview of one patient's experience and progress" https://t.co/Y1YV21Saju


With the last push & a shift from mass clinics @OCFP_President highlights public health/ primary care alignment in #COVID19 vax efforts & the tailored approaches family doctors are taking to help yet-to-be vaccinated Ontarians be “comfortable & informed” https://t.co/P7VZssZnj6