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OCFP seeks new CEO

We need your feedback on 3 new #CPSOConsultations! 💬 https://t.co/Nt3tBktsfZ ✔️ Draft policy: #HumanRights in the Provision of Health Services ✔️ Draft policy: Medical Assistance in Dying (#MAiD) policy ✔️ Draft Standards: Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program (#OHPIP) https://t.co/wk2gCgg0Dw


The number of Ontario’s family physicians who stopped working doubled during the first six months of the pandemic compared to previous years – accounting for more than 170,000 patients losing access to a primary care provider. https://t.co/EsmhWqAlAx


If current trends persist, more than 3 million Ontarians could be without a family doctor by 2025. The family doctor shortage will be felt by all, regardless of where we live in Ontario. In some cases, entire families will be without one. #LifeWithoutADoctor https://t.co/lmqTfeSDHh


Learn more about Paxlovid by visiting Confused about COVID here: https://t.co/jIj8km9I0w. https://t.co/pVxZXm6kOd https://t.co/AZMWarFnT6


The new pediatric Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine is now an option for children aged six months to under five years. Parents and caregivers are already able to book appointments, as the pediatric Moderna vaccine has been available since July. https://t.co/z9vUZQeRds https://t.co/do8Z9SUm6N