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Expanding Virtual Care Opportunities

**Tomorrow** Your young patients may well be struggling to cope with change in these tumultuous times. Here’s a chance to get answers to your challenging questions – #PractisingWell CoP w/ guests, Drs. Sharon Cirone, @DrKostenuik and Fereshte Lalani https://t.co/4Pv0KehM0X https://t.co/Iu3QF34iTG


Attention family doctors in Ontario – the OCFP’s Annual Meeting of Members takes place virtually this Friday, Sept. 24, at 8 to 8:40 a.m. ET. Get meeting materials and register to attend: https://t.co/Cp03pV0Ih6 https://t.co/mAGp8mozf3


Webinar tomorrow, Sept. 22: https://t.co/18aAv9uUp7 #ClimateAction #ChoosingWisely #PractisingWisely @MDmoms4HR https://t.co/nT5hs6CNdK


Are you wanting to work with patients to improve care in your clinic/organization/region but are unsure about next steps? Check out our new patient engagement toolbox @UofTFamilyMed—practical resources to address the most common Q's we hear from teams https://t.co/FV8FAZ1HaX https://t.co/YwEyTbMalb


Are parents seeking advice to support their children’s #MentalHealth? At the next #PractisingWell CoP, Dr. Sharon Cirone, @DrKostenuik and Dr. Fereshte Lalani share tips on balancing parental concerns and care of your adolescent patients. @MnHolowaty https://t.co/4Pv0KehM0X https://t.co/7RQv3NmIze