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Next session in #COVID19 Community of Practice is May 29 @ 8AM, ft. speakers: Dr. Steve Klassen (Thunder Bay), Dr. Payal Agarwal (Toronto) & Dr. Paul Gill (Goderich). Focus will be on adapting to #virtualcare. Register: https://t.co/s1uJaGh7m3 More info: https://t.co/iggvDKJOLm https://t.co/NUq3nHUbel


Know an isolated, low-income senior/person w/ disabilities needing support to get essentials during #COVID19? The @OCSAtweets program coordinates local services to deliver meals, groceries, medicine & other essentials. Learn more & sign up for services at: https://t.co/l0sqy3r7J8 https://t.co/qtE9iydUn3


Join us on May 29 from 8-9AM for the 4th session in our 'Changing the Way We Work' series, put on by the OCFP/@UofTFamilyMed as part of the #COVID19 Community of Practice. This session will focus on embracing virtual care in #familymedicine 🩺👨‍💻 REGISTER➡️https://t.co/buGB2tf4sd https://t.co/jrQlKyCigI


We've reorganized our evidence-based COVID-19 Toolkit and added a new tool: Maintaining Regular Primary Care Practice in the COVID-19 Context. 👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️Access the toolkit: https://t.co/P2nE19Noff https://t.co/nmPvErm8du


In honour of #WFDD2020 we thought you might like to hear from your colleagues/peers about why they love being family doctors. We heard you loud & clear: it's all about the patients, long-term relationships & care journey: https://t.co/BH9MfUe446 #FamilyDocsRock #LoveMyFamilyDoc