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Partner Opportunities For Family Doctors

Physician Leadership

  • Challenges in Canada’s primary health care system hinder access to mental health and substance use services. The CSA Group seeks insights through consultations with family physicians to build capacity and enhance integration and accessibility of these services in primary care. Those interested in participating can register.               

Research Opportunities

  • The CanTreatCOVID trial is looking for volunteers to participate in a trial in order to better understand the effectiveness of medications for mild to moderate COVID-19. The study is open to adults aged 18 to 49 years with one or more chronic condition(s) or adults aged 50+ years who tested positive for COVID-19 with symptoms starting within the last five days.
  • Participate in a study entitled, “Improving communication about low-risk cancer.” During the study, family doctors will be asked to engage in a 20-minute interview to discuss preferences and rationale for different labels for low-risk cancer. To take part, contact the study coordinator at [email protected].
  • Nominate High Performing Early Career Family Physicians to participate in a study to identify the key capabilities and competencies of high-performing family medicine graduates.


Training Programs

  • Apply for SRPC’s National Advanced Skills and Training Program for Rural Practice. Rural physicians will be reimbursed up to $35,000, including a $1000 per day stipend, $1000 per day for a locum, $250 per day for a preceptor, in addition to travel and accommodation for  advanced training in emergency medicine, obstetrics, anesthesia, specialized courses in ultrasound or airway management. The funding is intended to provide flexibility to identify a training plan based on the needs of your community.  You decide what your patients need, and you identify a preceptor or course to meet these needs. More information.