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Where to Start

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Best Advice Guide: Timely Access to Appointments in Family Practice

This resource offers guiding principles for timely access scheduling, emphasizing continuity and comprehensiveness of patient care as critical elements of family practice. The guide acknowledges that populations who have better access to continuing care from the same family physician have fewer hospitalizations and better health outcomes.



Health Quality Ontario

e-Learning Module: Advanced Access and Efficiency for Primary Care

A series of seven online learning modules.


Quality Compass: Timely Access

Best practices, tools and resources.



Safety Net Medical Home Initiative (SNMHI)

Change Concepts: Enhanced Access

This resource includes strategies and tactics that practices can use to enhance patient access by eliminating barriers to care, balancing supply and demand, and creating capacity to provide care in real time. Key changes for Enhanced Access include the following:

  • Promote and expand access by ensuring that established patients have 24/7 continuous access to their care teams via phone, email or in-person visits.
  • Provide scheduling options that are patient- and family-centred and accessible to all patients.
  • Help patients attain and understand health insurance coverage (related to US coverage).

See examples of some of SNMHI participants’ Enhanced Access interventions and results here.