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Where to Start

Engaging Patients

Health Quality Ontario

Engaging Patients: What Is Patient Engagement?

General information, resources and a patient engagement framework are available.


Engaging Patients: Patient Engagement Framework


Further Resources

Resources for Health Care Providers

Health Quality Ontario

Engaging Patients: Resources for Health Care Providers

These resources and tools help integrate patient engagement. From engaging individuals during the treatment process to implementing organizational engagement programs, these resources can help guide more open communications between health providers and their patients and caregivers.


Quality Compass: Patient Involvement

The tool identifies specific best practices related to involving patients in topics from Quality Improvement Plans. It also includes measurement information, tools and resources.


Engaging Patients in Patient Safety

This resource, which is based on evidence and leading practices, helps patients, families, patient partners, providers and leaders work together more effectively to improve patient safety. Working collaboratively, we can more proactively identify risks, better support those involved in an incident, and help prevent similar incidents from occurring.



Evaluation Toolkit

Patient and Public Engagement Evaluation Toolkit

This project aims to improve engagement evaluation capacity. This toolkit facilitates the assessment of engagement practices.



Creating Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Cancer Care Ontario

Patient & Family Advisory Council Toolkit

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Toolkit is meant to help organizations engage patients and their families in advisory councils as a way to improve patient experiences with health services.

Use the toolkit whether your organization is in the early stages of creating and supporting an advisory council, or experiencing challenges around the sustainable effectiveness of a council.


National Partnership for Women & Families Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative

CPC Patient and Family Engagement Resources from the National Partnership for Women & Families

This document has two parts:

  • Key Steps for Creating Patient and Family Advisory Councils in CPC Practices
  • Pathways to Patient and Family Engagement in CPC Practices

These resources will assist in the creation of an effective Patient and Family Advisory Council and in the planning of strategies to better engage patients and families in their healthcare.