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Clinical Care | Office Readiness

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How-tos, checklists, decision trees and other practical tips, including for patients with special conditions; assessment and testing tools; support for operating your practice; considerations for in-office care


Active screening: By phone  |  Passive screening: Office signage

In-Person Care

Summary information for in-person care

Detailed considerations for in-person care

Virtual Care

Primary Care for COVID in the Community – Special Family Medicine Summit Presentation 

Directive #2 opened up in-person care, with details outlined in the Health Sector Restart document, yet it is VIRTUAL FIRST for the foreseeable future.

Chronic Diseases - Managing Virtually

Most family physician offices are NOT performing COVID swabs. If you do swab in office:

  • Wear gowns, gloves, eye protection and surgical masks
  • Follow Public Health Ontario’s testing procedures to safely collect and send appropriate specimens for COVID-19 to PHO
  • If using a community lab, such as LifeLabs or Dynacare, call to let them know you have COVID-19 swabs to send. Often, swabs must be packaged in a container provided by the lab (driver) at the time of pick up.

More testing information: