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OHT Planning and Delivery of Integrated Care Program

**Now Certified**

The OCFP has recently certified the Ontario Health Teams Planning and Delivery of Integrated Care Program, meaning all family physicians can earn up to 60 Mainpro+® credits for work and engagement with Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).

The program has been structured to enable maximum flexibility: any family physician engaged in any way with the work of an OHT at any stage can earn credits where 1 hour = 1 credit (1:1 basis). This can be applied to any OHT-related activity - from joining an early information session to being fully immersed in a working group or structure to implement OHT plans. 

The OCFP has also created an OHT Planning and Delivery of Integrated Care Toolkit to provide family physicians with a guide on how to meet Mainpro+ requirements, and also includes related requirements of OHTs.

View/download the program Toolkit

The OCFP held virtual drop-in information sessions on March 12, 2020 to answer questions about how to earn credits for your OHT-related activities. Learn more: View the presentation (pdf)

Questions? Visit our Online Repository for more info on OHTs