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Ontario Health Teams

It's a pivotal time for health care in Ontario. On November 25, 2019 the provincial government announced Mississauga Halton's Ontario Health Team as the first of 26 teams that will pave the way for a new model of health care delivery that puts patients at the centre of a connected-care system. 

The OCFP has put together a brief resource to answer some of your many questions about Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). This one-sheet resource includes what we know about the OHTs, what they mean for family physicians, questions to consider to help you decide on whether you should get involved, potential benefits and risks, and where to get more information.  

We are committed to keeping all of our members apprised of relevant information related to the Ontario Health Teams as they evolve.  The following documents and resources have been compiled and will be updated as new details become available.