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Ontario Health Teams

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are changing how health care is delivered in the province so that patients receive better-integrated care in their community.

The evidence is clear: organizations that effectively engage physicians in health system design, change processes, and leadership development opportunities are more likely to experience improved outcomes.

To provide a road map for OHT primary care leads, the Primary Care Maturity Model and Key Enablers for Ontario Health Teams (July 10, 2020) offers recommendations of the Ontario Primary Care Council, and was developed collaboratively with patients and families, primary care leads, local primary care support teams, hospital leadership, home and community care leadership and key data and analytics supports. 

Similarly, our tip sheet focuses on ways OHTs can maximize the involvement of family doctors for the benefit of their OHT and the patients they serve.

Download Tip Sheet - For the OHT: Involving Family Doctors in Health Reform


The OCFP is committed to sharing the information family doctors need to make decisions for their practice and patients. We have developed a brief resource to assist you as you consider how and when to get involved, and where to go for more information.   

Download Resource - For the Family Doctor: OHT Overview + Questions to Ask Yourself and Others Participating in OHTs

We will keep members apprised of relevant information related to OHTs as they evolve.  The following documents and resources have been compiled and will be updated as new details become available.

Bookmark this page, check back frequently for up-to-date information, and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]a with any questions.